March 18, 2007 at 1:33 PM (about, Inedible pleasures)


Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Pelicano, but do call me Pel if you like, as others do. I currently live in Green Bay, WI, and have for most of my life, the two exceptions being three months in San Diego, CA and just over two years in a little town on the shore of Lake Michigan called Kewaunee. I enjoy traveling very much, and have seen and spent time in several of the states west and south of Wisconsin. Although I have found many of these places to be gloriously beautiful, it has been my wish since I was a child to visit India and confront her resplendent beauty, ancient architecture and wisdom, dazzling festivals and colourful peoples.

    I particularly enjoy studying the various cuisines of India, and have spent many years doing so. Not in the hurried frenetic way of  a college student before mid-terms, but at a leisurely pace. In my own time. In my own way. At home. Gathering utensils and ingredients as I find them, revering them and slowly calling them my own. As her cuisines collectively are considered one of the world’s mother cuisines, this has led me down the paths leading away, and up the paths that led to her inception. And alive she definitely is! Ever-expanding, all-encompassing like a lotus-flower in perpetual bloom… And my travels are but the wanderings of a single ant on a tree of an age and scope of many thousands of years, each limb begetting branches, and branches, twigs… that overlap and intertwine and rustle, refreshed by wind, sending forth leaves to catch the passing sun, to conduct the falling rains, to reflect the light of the stars and sing to every moon.

    These are my songs.




  1. Indira said,

    Hi Pelicano,

    Congratulations on your new blog and welcome to food blog world.

    Best wishes,

    Thank you very much Indira!

  2. Anita said,

    So, you did it finally! Does this mean you will not hog my comments anymore? 😦

    That picture, a very good idea 😉 ! Is that Snark with you??

    A very big Welcome, to you, my friend. Looking forward to hogging your comments!

    Don’t get your hopes up! I’m attacking your “Kashmiri Mutsch” later today… 🙂
    That be a picture of Washiarla, a half-Siamese I adopted years ago, but she and Snark had a fling a few years ago… She loves to converse, and have her picture taken!
    You can hog all you want Anita, it’s only fair!

  3. sailaja said,

    Welcome to the food blogging world, Pelicano.

    Happy blogging!


    Thank you Sailaja! And watch out….I’m getting an obsession with Hyderabadi food… 🙂

  4. Manisha said,

    You did it!! Congrats, my friend!!

    Thanks Manisha! Hopefully it won’t take me all day to post a second recipe…

  5. shilpa said,

    See I finally found out your blog :D. Welcome. I am sure we will see some very interesting posts here. Can’t wait to see your creations. Thats a nice picture :).

    Yep! Now you’re in OZ!!! Interesting? I may have a trick or two “up my sleeve”….You like the picture? I found it somewhere on the internet and thought it would work with the colours here and all……just kidding! Thanks Shilpa!! 😀

  6. shilpa said,

    Ohh you found that on the internet?? thats why I was feeling I have seen this picture somewhere ;). Isn’t it the Hindi actor’s picture, who plays negative roles? Atleast from the side pose it looks like :D.

    Shilpa, your flattery is making my day! 🙂 I am hoping that John Abraham visits sometime soon… if you ever meet him, be certain to give him the address here… 🙂

  7. Trupti said,

    Oh started your own blog! So nice to see it…love the name…and the candied citrus peels are a delight…One of my favorite things is to munch on Candied fruit.
    Welcome! am adding you to my blogroll.

    cheers. T

    Thank you so much for adding me Trupti!
    I’m glad you enjoy candied fruit…apparently two of my taste-testers here at home did too…my supply is diminishing! I’ll be forced to hide it somewhere very soon…

  8. Aruna said,

    Gr8 to see your blog Pelicano. Keep posting everyday.

    Thank you so much Aruna! I’ll post as often as I can!

  9. Vee said,

    Wonderful writing and some really nice recipes , Pel. Finally, you took the jump.
    Though, I am still waiting for that special recipe….

    Adding you to my blog roll…

    Thanks for adding me Vee, as well as for the compliments! 🙂 Special recipe? Oh, I know I wanted to make it my first, but I decided not to alienate the vegetarians straight off…’s coming, don’t worry! 😀 Those two brats will probably pick it apart nonetheless…[sighs] 🙂

  10. Manisha said,

    Did someone say something?

    …no one here but us chickens….

  11. Manisha said,

    Whoa! You changed the picture! A very intense look!

    Pel: 😀

  12. santhi said,

    You write so beautifully…Am glad I found my way to your blog

    Wow, thanks Santhi! You are welcome here anytime… 🙂

  13. Anita said,

    I get this feeling that we have waited long…and deserve a treat. You will not take all day to give us another recipe now will you?

    Come out of the hibernation – it is not even that cold yet!

    Hehehehehe…. Sorry, I’ve just been busy with end-of-summer projects and social engagements…. certain things are difficult to do after the snow and cold weather arrive, but I’ll be posting soon; I promise!

  14. Anita said,

    I seem to be suffering from a bit of dyslexia lately – ‘that’ before ‘cold’, please. 😀

    But of course!

  15. AJ said,

    My, my, I wandered here expecting some sweet housewife whiling away a leisurely afternoon blogging about her grandmother’s recipies. You did give me a shock!

    I knew I still had “it” in me somewhere… 🙂

  16. Nirmala Jegadheesan said,

    Hi Pel, I was reading more of your comments (in Manisha’s and Anita’s place) for sometime and then came here almost a year back but never bothered to read the “about” of this blog. I am really impressed and had taken a resolution to leave a comment on u’re posts 😉 Will always drop my 2 cents here for sure!

    • elaichietcetera said,

      I had to come back here to see what I wrote!

      Now, after reading it, and thinking of all the banter you must have read between the Mistress of Madness, TLO and I…well, yes, we’re all a bit crazy! Well, Anita moreso than Manisha and I- she just hides it better! 🙂

      But welcome, welcome… I haven’t blogged anything for awhile, but I had best get to it since I have an offer of two cents! 😉

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