Sooth away troubles, with Cashmere-y Smooch! ;-)

March 22, 2007 at 11:57 PM (Inedible pleasures, Thalia)

  This an adaptation of a wonderful recipe for Kashmiri Meatballs (Mutsch) posted by Anita of A Mad Tea Party; the original may be found here.

However, delicious as her version might be, I felt that there were far too many flavours that cluttered up the dish. I honestly shuddered to think how easy it would be for others to add secret ingredients to the sauce while my back was turned.  I felt that the traditional ingredient of goat-meat would be much too strong for my naive and tender palate; I also, sadly, was forced to disregarded her kind suggestion to use ground turkey in place of goat. In the end, I opted to use just four very pure flavours: water, salt, a beautiful pan that I would not consider cooking anything else in, and the delicate flavour of pre-packaged tofu hot dogs.

    As you are cooking this traditional Kashmiri dish, you will find how easily you may lose yourself in its calm depths as you watch the pre-packaged tofu hot dogs cook. Notice the Zen-like quality that is captured in the crystalline cooking water, the patches of foam that form and float and remind you of drifting clouds…as time passes, you may find yourself contemplating the large impact that Japanese aesthetic has influenced the cooking and landscape of Kashmir…

As you prod each kofta with a fork to check for done-ness, you may find yourself reminded of past romances; you may even find it possible to expel, during this process, any frustrations you may have currently with the man in your life…


 After 30 seconds…


 After 40 seconds…


 After 2 minutes…

This dish is especially good when paired, not with rice, roti, parathas, or naan- all of which would be too strongly flavoured and would disrupt the colour scheme- but with the least expensive pre-packaged white-flour hot dog buns you can find. Their flavour contains no trace of yeast or heartiness of whole grains which would clash, so they are the best option. And I would resist any temptation you might have of dressing this up with any of the traditional Kashmiri condiments such as ketchup, mustard or dill-pickle relish; instead, relish the fine pure flavours that await you as you nibble slowly, savouring each bite! Pure Nirvana, but smells a bit like teen spirit!


For a lovely dessert, might I suggest either of the following delicious milk-sweets that my friends have lovingly created and captured in their blogs?





  1. Anita said,

    Prepackaged. Tofu. Traditional Kashmiri??? What’s going on here? Whose blog is this? And what kind of plagiarism is this? Who provided the content? Those pictures are mine! 🙂

    Pel, is this a food blog or are you straying into satire?

    But, pray, why are you eating tofu hot dogs in Umreeka? They do seem to stir up some memories for you though…. 🙂

    I tried really hard, but I couldn’t resist…it’s those gudang garams! They’re to blame! 😀

    [sings] memories…like the corners of my mind…misty waters call ’em memories…[stirs with reverie]….[prods some more]

  2. bee said,

    i’m digging this. 😀

    pel: 😀

  3. Manisha said,

    ROTFL!! 😀
    Anita’s Payasam! LOL!

    See? This is why you needed to have your own blog!

    My jaw is aching and my muscles sore!

    I almost peed my pants writing it…
    I’m so glad you weren’t offended by my jesting…I was a little worried for a bit afterwards, but then I thought to myself: nah….I’m pretty sure her sense of humour is well-honed… 😀

  4. Manisha said,

    I almost did that while reading it but was too shy to say so. But now that you are sharing gory details, why not…:D

    This is just way too cool! Oh! I’ve been having too much fun! Back to work…

    Glad to hear it!

  5. Anita said,

    Yeah, yeah, joke all you want, the two of you [as she resolves to get back]

    Oh, Anita dear…I was making fun of the little war between you two….the “mutsch” was just a vehicle for satirizing both of your ……….MILK, RICE AND SUGAR DISHES!!! If anything, I poked more fun at Manisha… and she was talking about the two lower hyperlinks labeled, “KHEER” and “PAYASAM”…..they are switched you know…Payasam goes to your kheer and vice versa…..intentionally 😀

  6. Anita said,

    Pel!!! Yes, I noticed that! (albeit after reading Manisha’s first comment) 🙂

    And, relax. I wasn’t (really) planning to get back…like I could match wits with you or Manisha, TLO! 🙂

    I was getting paranoid that I’d come home one day and find the yard planted with a bunch of those weeds you like so much! 😉

  7. Manisha said,

    I was laughing so hard that by the time I reached those links that I was almost hysterical when I saw them! Four pure flavours and nirvana and what not. 😀

    Well…..thankfully all that’s over now…..A friend who works at the grocery store was wondering if i flipped when he saw what I had in my basket! Now, on to some serious cooking…..low-fat, healthy and delicious cooking that is 😀

  8. shilpa said,

    Am I missing something here? whats going on? Can anyone share with me so that even I can laugh??

    Tofu hotdogs?? Now that is something new. I don’t think I would ever make myself eat hotdogs because of their weird shape. When I saw them first time, I thought they are pork intestines or something…but after watching food network for few days, I realized I was wrong. But still that shape always repels me….

    I am sorry if this comment looks offending. You can delete it if you feel so :).

    Shilpa, hot dogs ARE a pretty boring food, but once in a while I have one because the taste of them is tied to many past fond memories- there are other, more tasty sausages- some made from chicken or turkey that you might like! But this is not really a “recipe”…the tofu hot dogs are just heated in water….

    This was a humourous post that I made because Anita and Manisha had both posted milk-sweet recipes at the same time, without knowing so until afterward. They were very entertaining when commenting in each others’ blogs, kidding around with each other :-)….so I joined in on the fun and posted this “recipe” to poke fun at both of them!:-D Actually YOU posted your wheat payasam recipe quite close to this same time…..funny all of you were thinking of these sweets at the same time! And just 2 weeks ago I made a jackfruit payasam! But then, Pelicano is always a step or two ahead… 😀

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