Panch Phoran

March 24, 2007 at 11:40 PM (aromatic mixtures, Bengali, dishes by cuisine, dishes by main ingredient, India)

This Bengali mixture is made by combining the following whole spices in equal proportions:

1)cumin seeds/zheera

2)black mustard seeds/sarson

3)fennel seeds/saunf

4)nigella seeds/kalonji

5)fenugreek seeds/methi

Combine and store in a tightly-closed jar. 



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  1. A Mad Tea Party said,

    […] that is used sparingly in the Indian kitchen. The Bengalis use it more regularly as part of the panch phoran, a wonderful blend of five spices. Punjabis include it in their mango pickle where it provides the […]

    is this just an excerpt from a long treatise on kalonji? I want to read the rest…!!! I love the spice…. it seems more widely used in middle-eastern breads though…. 🙂

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