Maiyya Yashoda from Hum Saath-Saath Hain…

April 19, 2007 at 8:58 AM (Inedible pleasures, videos)

    I decided to check out youtube to see if someone had posted this dance and song number from this movie that, as readers from my last post will know, I remember so well from when I was younger… 😀

   OMG I LOVE IT!!! Any one who disagrees simply hasn’t developed taste yet! Oh well!

Oh!!!! This one too! :

Yep! Karisma Kapoor AND Aishwariya Rai are my new iconS… [do sashtaang pranam!]

In honor of the occasion, my cats brought me this gift early this morning….





  1. shilpa said,

    I object sir….Unless you watch few of her movies, you can’t say she is your icon. Both Karishma and Kareena are hard to tolerate. Watch few movies….

    I love the second video of Aishwarya Rai though. She is beautiful, though there are many who will disagree with me. Hum dil de chuke sanam was one of Aish’s best.

    Thanks for the subtle kick under the table…I corrected it! As iconZ, they’ll do for now! After all…(to quote Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind…) tomorrow IS another day…

  2. Anita said,

    But seriously, kahan Sigur Ros kahan this Indi-Pop.

    And I get the feeling this is not a safe place to talk about Ash…Did you know she was almost going to be an architect? But the catwalk came in the way.

    Manisha do you agree with me on Ash- upper storey vacant? 🙂 Yeah, she’s beautiful – in a statuesque kinda way.

    Well….Madonna was never a great actress..or singer for that matter…and yet (!) she has a certain something…

    I’ll add one more photo- a still- just for you!

  3. Vee said,

    I think Ash is the most intelligent women in show business. All her antics prove it. As for Karishma, [Shaking head at Pel].
    Anybody else notice how pel’s choice in starlets is the same as the current love interest of Ash, who also happens to be Young India’s No. 1 Gay Icon

    That is interesting…

    Wanna know a fool-proof way to tell if a guy is gay or not? Ask him how many times he’s seen The Wizard of Oz… 😀

  4. bee said,

    oh!!! the horror!!!

    You don’t like little bunnies? 😉

  5. Vee said,

    See, that doesn’t work in India. But then , I have thankfully moved away from the time when I would need that trick, being married and all.

    Anyways,the music from ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ (that would be the second video) is good, though. Vijaya Anand, I think is a music director for South Indian films, Heard of him but never listened to the songs. He is supposed to be VERY Good , though. (I just saw your comment in the other thread…)

    I do like his style….. definitely! No one knows about The Wizard of Oz in India?! Oh…the horror!!

  6. bee said,

    anita, ash went to the same college as i did (ruparel). academicaly, she was good, but she giggled so much, you wanted to smack her.

  7. Manisha said,

    Karishma Kapoor, Pel? Don’t even go there!

    Ash was a Bombayiite? I thought she was from Bangalore, which would explain Shilpa’s affinity for her. 😀 She-eee-il-paaaaa!

    And Bee, you went to Ruparel? You muggoo, you! Now, Vee, don’t tell me you went to Ruparel, too?

    I had heard that Ash was a good student but the look in her eyes is vacant which makes me feel like she is upper-storey vacant. But man, does she do the catwalk well!

    As far as her looks go, she is what we call ‘chapti’ but her ‘ghaare dole’ (light eyes) win her many fans. She has a very lissome body and a very good dancer. But put her next to a fat Madhuri Dixit in that awful movie Devdas and Madhuri wins hands down!! All said and done, she’s managed herself very well and is very attractive. Medha and I watched that nimbooda movie and Medha couldn’t understand what she saw in that ugly guy. So she’s definitely not an Ajay Devgan fan! I take it, you aren’t one either, Pel.

    What does being married have to do with anything? Who was that NJ governor who came out after being married and having sired several children? Was it Greeley?

    I’ve known a few… usually I avoid married guys because dishonesty in one area is indicative of its manifestation in most other areas as well… and trust is the cornerstone of not only good marriages or long-term relationships, but platonic friendships as well. There’s a guy I know of from the local bars whose wife thinks he’s “out bowling”… they have five children…

  8. Manisha said,

    BTW, Pel what did you think of Sanjaya? Medha brought the house down yesterday – dancing with joy that he was finally eliminated from the American Idol. I wanted to vote for Sanjaya each time 😯 but she wouldn’t let me. 😆

    Manisha- I haven’t watched television in weeks! But I could look for his stuff on youtube….Medha had other plans for the winner eh?

  9. shilpa said,

    Ohh Manisha, she is from Mangalore :D. So more closer than Bangalore. But that has nothing to do with my liking. Even if she was from Mars, I would have liked her. My mom always used to object when I said she is beautiful. Looks like I am the only Aish fan in my whole family. But she does not know a thing about acting. She is just horrible. But atleast I don’t get headache looking at her (you should watch Kareena in Don and you will know what I mean).

    Pel, you should watch this Yara o yara song. This dance might change your feelings about her. I had a friend who was absolutely mad about her, his entire room had Karishma pictures :(.

    Nope! I still like her…. that weird choreography is so distracting from from what’s happening with the characters… still interesting to see…thanks!

  10. Anita said,

    Yup, Pel Sorry to disappoint – that line will not work for you in India! I saw Wizard of Oz in Grad school – and am glad I was surrounded all my American mates – or may not have quite ‘got it.’ 🙂

    What’s to get? An evil little girl named Dorothy steals a pair of red shoes and just when justice is about to be served, she very brutally dowses the heroine of the story with water! It’s best to not watch anything after that point in the movie… 😀

    Oh I don’t need that line (or any other) when I come to India…. but I suggest it for my female Umrikan friends and it works like a magic charm!!!

  11. Anita said,

    And that bunny picture – there seems to be some error.

    I re-uploaded it… tell me if it worked!

  12. Trupti said,

    *slapping forehead*
    you HAD to do this, didn’t you??? I am not a fan of either Karishma, or Aishwarya…though I might change my mind after watching “Provoked”, I heard she’s good in that one. Karishma…gawd, the only movie I liked her in was “Shakti”.

    I LOVE, LOVE Tabu…she’s beautiful in her own way. Too bad, not many ppl think she’s a beauty.

    I can’t see the bunny pic. Did yer cats eat them? 🙂

    Almost!…they got one it’s siblings though… I had a baby squirrel last year as a house guest for a few days as well. I’ll check out Tabu… BTW, do you ever listen to Sheila Chandra?

  13. Vee said,

    Ash went to ruparal. I heard she was in one of those bandra architecture colleges. I forget the name.
    Aga Mane, Ruparel nahi, eNeM!! 😆 Which I would have told you if my laptop had not gone to the dogs . but, all is going to be well today when it comes back from the doghouse!
    Shilpa, 😆 How did you even remember that song?? 😆 😆 As for the Ash thing, ppl just expect too much. If you are given an abundance of one thing, there is always a serious lack of some other thing. The lord giveth and the lord taketh or something to that effect.
    Pel, the trick I used in my single carefree days was this, If a guy can sit through Hum Aapke Hain Kaun or Hum Saath Saath Hai without squirming, he is batting on the other side 😀

    I’m having one of those Oprah Ah-ha! moments… 😀 So perhaps we’ve found the Indian Wizard of Oz equivalent…. 😀 Thanks your royal Vee-ness! [begins to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow…]

  14. bee said,

    i agree, trupti. tabu is hot. she used to travel by local train going to chinai college in mumbai, wearing a cotton salwar kameez and dupatta, with unkempt hair. in those days, people used to callher ‘farah’s sister’. i think she’s beautiful and talented.

  15. bee said,

    shipa, thanks. pel needed to see that.

    that video is scary. she looks like her dad (randhir kapoor) in drag. and that hero? he’s like an ostrich on steroids.

    LOL…I might have to agree…. not a proud moment in her portfolio…

  16. Trupti said,

    Sheila Chandra – I have heard a couple of songs by her…..though not many, I admit. Must listen to her sometime, if you recommend her.

    Tabu is in that Maiyya Yashoda song too…the other one is the pretty Sonali Bendre, I like her too..but she can’t act worth pooh.
    Cute little “bunny”. Hope it lives. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Which one is Tabu? The bunny has a better chance far away from my yard and the feline security patrol…. See if you can find the album “Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices”…there are two tracks called “Speaking in Tongues” (I and II) that are awe-inspiring, as well as others- it’s her best album to date in my opinion. (She reminds me of the music you play on your site…kind of “serious-adult-contemporary-ancient-modern-soothing-great-for-background-as-well-as-intent-listening-music”) You have a great weekend too!

  17. Trupti said,

    Tabu is the last one in the Maiyya Yashoda dance…she wears a beige and maroonish kinda choli….now, don’t ask what a choli is! 😉

    will check out that album…my albums are mostly Santoor and Flute…two instruments I love…strange enough, I am NOT a fan of Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar..the sound of the Sitar grates my nerves…see ya!

    I think my favorite part is when the second, shy girl in white plays the flute! 😀 Tabu is very beautiful! Much better dancer than Karisma… I didn’t even realize what was going on until I viewed it a few more times…. these are three sisters who are getting married! Though I do like the comic element of karisma’s character…I gotta see this film! 🙂

  18. sadhna said,

    I love everybody in that movie .I think the director and the lyric and artist really worked hard to make this movie possiable.
    I don’t think you should speak anything bad about anyone . what if you’re one of those persons how would you feel about somebody writting wrong stuff about you. Everybody is preety that’s how god made us. Don’t foget think before you say.

    Thank you for visiting Sadhna; yes that is a good idea! …..sometimes, I just think and decide to not say anything…often that is the best answer…

  19. Rhea said,

    i think hum saath saath he is great. ash was good once upon a time but not anymore..
    kareena looks like a man. end of. bye

    Yeah, she doesn’t have the curviest figure…but good with comedy! Thanks for writing.

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