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June 2, 2007 at 5:07 AM (nihil nahil, singhara, various nuts like me)

    I found these “things” several years ago at a small, local grocer that caters to Southeast Asian tastes. Actually, my 2nd ex-ago was with me, and we were astounded by their fearful, physical appearance, and delicious taste. We returned an hour later and bought a pound’s worth; I kept these 3 fairly intact as a later converation piece, which they undoubtedly manage quite well.


    The man who sold them to me didn’t have a name for them to provide, but I have since uncovered their identity. Can anyone guess? I’ll provide answers on my next post, until then, correctnesses will be held temporarily in the moderation queue… 🙂 bon chance…

Hint: They are not mentioned in the Harry Potter books…



  1. Richa said,

    omg! where did you get them?
    these r called ‘singhadey’ in hindi!

    Right you are! And the first to answer correctly the name of this nut.

  2. Anita said,

    Oh, this looks easy!! Even though they look like tiny winged creatures, I think these are water chestnuts! They have got to be!


  3. bee said,

    mutant ninja bats pickled in hoisin sauce.

    Slurp! Nope, but if you post the recipe, let me know and I’ll be sure to try it… lol

  4. Anita said,

    Also called water caltrop. 🙂


  5. santhi said,

    hey.. i know these…they are batman eggs…! ( yippeee i got the prize )

    Prize?!!! [slaps his knees and guffaws] Nope! 😀 Can’t scramble these little darlin’s!

  6. Susan said,

    Licorice ?

    If only! I do like those salty fish-shaped ones though…

  7. Jyothi said,

    I think Tulasi tree seeds. This is a tree, which we can treat as a goddess. These leaves and seeds will be used in so many medicines. I dont know exactly what they will call as. In our telugu language we will call as tulasi tree. Waiting for result.

    Jyothi, do you speak of the Holy Basil? Although this is not correct, the Tulasi is a most powerful medicine and a highly revered plant! I usually have one growing near my door…

  8. santhi said,

    Pel..just to quench my curiosity…Are those exclamation marks following some geometric progression or did those aweful creatures do something to your keyboard ( btw, i think its quite creative..i mean those lines of exclamation marks..hehe )
    Hi there..this is my first time to your blog, and truly, its awesome

    😀 You might be on to something…

  9. sra said,

    They look like fun jelly moulds or something to me, not like anything real/dried/pickled. Bats were my initial guess but … is it leather or some sort of beef product?

    No ma’am! 🙂 They are a strange creation though aren’t they? 🙂

  10. Anita said,

    Ah, the Fibonacci sequence!


  11. TheCooker said,

    Gummy bears from Gotham City?

    Clever answer! very nice….but no. 🙂

  12. Manisha said,

    Dang! I have SEEN these things. I’m a’going grocery shopping today. Pacific Ocean Market, here I come. I hope you have a stock of Kashmiri saffron, too.

    Oh yeah. Big bags of it the size of pillows, and on Holi…

  13. TheCooker said,

    Something to do with the fibonacci sequence?

    Yes indeed- good observation…now, about those black things…

  14. Manisha said,

    Pel, I put some holy basil into some peat last night! These are definitely not tulsi seeds. I was told that takmaria seeds used in falooda are also basil. Maybe I should pot those, too?! And I’m going…I’m going…to the grocery stores today…

    Yep…holy basil seeds are used for falooda; when soaked in water they produce a crispy mucilage which surrounds the seed; very cooling to the body. I buy the Thai banana-flavoured stuff now and then.

  15. reena said,

    Some kind of dried Tamarind variety like Carambola? I never even get the easier quizes on blog world so this is out of question.

    Actually, I believe carambola is the name for “starfruit”- lovely thing it is! Such a beautiful thing when sliced…keep trying! 😉

  16. sia said,

    i have no clue…looks like batman movies promotion kit;) what are they???????

    They don’t look as if nature had produced such a thing do they? I’d best keep working on my next post to spill the beans and relieve the tension! 🙂

  17. Cynthia said,

    I’ve never seen these. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post

    Tomorrow?!! That soon?

  18. Anita said,

    Holy smokes! I didn’t know you could eat holy basil seeds! And you know falooda already? It is Thai too? It’s yummy served with kulfi, with a dash of rose water. Now I have to go to Nathu’s – Roshan di Kulfi is too far
    Yes, spill the beans, or nuts, quick.
    Falooda? Proudly photographed in The Complete Asian Cookbook, by Charmaine Solomon… -an excellent introduction to many cuisines, with recipes sought high and low from outside help for authenticity, but never delving far into any… a veritable amuse-bouche of a tour-guide that tempts one to study furthur within other dust-covers…
    Holy basil seeds are used in Thai drinks as well, yes. They’re sold in 4 oz. packets here… but I couldn’t possibly spill them, or other seeds. 😉

  19. Sharmi said,

    what ever it is, I loved reading all the comments and your answers to it. esp. the very first one.LOL. you said it tastes delicious but it looks like some kind of metal don’t they? will wait to see the answer.

    Ah! Such a patient, shore-abiding soul you are! You’d prefer to watch the raging current of the river…

  20. Sharmi said,

    hey is it some kind of candy or lolly pop?

    Oh-oh… wrong am I! One foot in the water… 😀 Nope…but I’ll give you a hint for bravery: it is not made by humans.

  21. Manisha said,

    Sabja or takmaria are basil seeds. And what was that about making falooda?
    I didn’t get to POM (Pacific Ocean Market) this weekend because of certain impediments so I couldn’t find out what this thing is called. But seen it I have.
    It’s poop is what it is. Now I have to figure out which animal can poop in this shape day in and day out. Must be some special mold placed you know where
    You can put this in moderation cos I win.

    I am…lol..laughing…my @$$ off! Still LOL!!!! OMG!!!! “certain imPEDiments”…. ha! clever…… 🙂 Nice falooda pic! You’re a total trip and a half!

  22. TheCooker said,

    The wait is intolerable.

    It’s coming! Not to worry… 🙂

  23. sharmi said,

    hey I think its this tamarind. which is used widely in kerala, India. it is more powerful than the usual tamarind. hopefully:)

    Nope! Not sour at all…. not a tamarind, nor is it the special kokum called kadampuli- but an excellent guess!! Black and sculptured… very good guess…

  24. sharmi said,

    man you are great. I didnt get the word kudampuli, but you beat me on that. hats off to you!! you have so much knowledge on such ingredients too. I am jaw dropped.

    Oh, I’ve only recently discovered kadampuli; A calm, patient, humble friend found them at a stall which featured things from Kerala, and sent them to me as a gift, which I treasure greatly!

  25. Anita said,

    Nice Falooda pic TLO! Those are tulsi seeds – regular holy basil seeds – soaked in water? I didn’t ever think they have this outer layer that can absorb so much moisture – like a jelly it seems.
    Ha, but I win this quiz! Can you see my comment about the picture? It’s in ‘moderation!’ (and likely there are more there…still, mine’s there, and your’s is not! Where is that tongue-sticking out emoticon when you need it?)
    So, you can be as clever as you like, and put in as many links as you want, but it is not poop!

    Correction Anita dear….so far there are three winners of the quiz….and it isn’t closed yet, as anxious as you are for it to be! In fact, one poor soul was quite recently so intrigued that she spent quite a bit of time- over an hour- searching her cookbooks, food encyclopedias and finally found the answer(!)…to the main riddle… 🙂

  26. outofthegarden said,

    ah HA!!!!!
    This is just the sort of question that drives me BATTY. I was all set to go to bed at 10, but instead I happened upon this post. I dropped everything. I went through every resource in my pantry — written resource that is. I don’t have any of these things Hanging Around.
    Three food encyclopedias plus a formidable selection of asian cookbooks later, still nothing.
    I thought it was a TRAP.
    It took me an hour…. but I think I found it.
    Trapa bicornis?
    And now it’s time to rest, whew! 😉

    Breathe now…the work is over, and you’ve really impressed me with your skills in researching!

  27. Anita said,

    It’s not a race, Pel! Really!
    Ha ha! Well, no, but the clock does tick…and you’re still the only one with all the answers… or are you?

  28. outofthegarden said,

    Oh dear, do we have to list all the names? They do look rather like a noxious weed, for all you proclaim their excellent taste. Of course, our ancestors were afraid of wolf peaches… we live and learn yes? lol
    Yes we do, and I cannot imagine a life without tomatoes; I eat them like apples! But apples, tomatoes, peaches or weeds, only one of the stranger’s many names are necessary… and none of those will do!

  29. pelicano said,

    Some commentators have been inquiring about the green things on the concrete in the background; <em>these</em> are not part of the quiz; they are the fallen male blossoms of a hickory-nut tree, and not often photographed.
    I would have been quite shocked had anyone identified these…!…

    Me too…

  30. Manisha said,

    Ok, time up! Better post soon or I will let the cat out of the bag. I found out who has these poopy molds. But since I was doing my bit to conserve the environment, what with all this green washing going on since yesterday, I didn’t go to the Asian market. Instead I cheated and now I know the answer.
    Your blog or my blog?
    Oh and I wanted to tell you that these extra exclamation points didn’t have an effect on me. I grew an extra hide recently. But they did mess with your layout and spilled out onto the blue-green from the black sidebar. Maybe add a space in between the periods you love so much and the exclamation points that don’t bother me no more and they might word-wrap onto several lines.

    Ummm… yes ma’am?

  31. Anita said,

    Manisha girl, you are hilarious! 😆
    Your threat worked too… 🙂
    Pel isn’t she a find? Just like those nuts you got over there!

    Yes…just like ’em… and a bit like the ones she described in her last comments too!

  32. Manisha said,

    What nuts? Whose nuts? Where?

    Oh dear… [raps three times on her head] Yep! A bad nut…. down the chute you go!!! 😀

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