The year’s first visit to a local farmers’ market…Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 17, 2007 at 7:35 AM (Inedible pleasures, sights)

    First of all, a happy Father’s Day to any and all proud sires of life’s most precious gift! Enjoy this day…

    My city has a fair number of open markets- called “farmers’ markets”… one almost every day somewhere in the city. Though called farmers’ markets, being a farmer in no way is a prerequisite for selling here. Small local business, cosmopolitan home-based entrepreneurs, and “city-plot” gardeners all make an appearance here. Visiting one in full-swing is a relaxing activity; there is fresh, local produce to gaze at and sometimes wonder what to do with if unfamiliar; splendid handiwork to admire, treats to satisfy any sudden hunger urges, and people and more people as time progresses…often, I run into someone I know.

    As I was a good boy and stayed home Friday night- well, I was too tired to bother with the fuss of primping honestly, and slept through the night- I arose early at 5:30am and had a little breakfast before heading out to one of the city’s largest markets: the Cherry Street Market- downtown Green Bay. It opens promptly at 6am. In the height of summer and early autumn, it is already swarming with crowds at this early hour, but now- late spring- and only the second Saturday after beginning, it was only starting to hum by the time I arrived.



Some flower-talk…


Larkspur…delphinium? Could be…


A nice table…


Nicer yet…


More anti-mango-bragging measures… 🙂


This lady makes hand-made rugs, and has been selling her loom-crafts here as long as I can remember… I believe I may have bought one a few years ago…


Heaps of onions, radishes, kohlrabi….among other things…


Dried gourds…


I love this family of gardeners; besides having gorgeous produce all season-long- and one of the largest stalls- they are so nice to chat with. They were more than happy to allow a photograph…and look at all those beets!


May I offer you some sugar? 😀 Chocolate-chip cookies, fruit-filled pastries, macaroons…. quite good! I admit to nothing…


As I was leaving I noticed that the crowd had definitely grown during my visit; I came away not unscathed as I had a heavy burden of white radishes, beets, mustard greens, kai lan, spearmint….what else?


Ah, yes… I couldn’t resist one of these Thai refreshments as the heat was already getting to me. It contained crushed ice, cantaloupe, tinted tapioca balls, tinted rice and bean-starch “noodles”, and…sweetened coconut milk… exactly what I needed.


Hello! I had parked near a cut-glass studio and hadn’t noticed this until I returned…. I approached for a better view…


Kind of reminds me of something…what country am I in?

I returned home right away with my new stash of goodies, and set to work sorting and cleaning… you’ll see dishes pop up soon from things I’ll be making- I hope- But here is a blurry pic of the radishes and beets with very usable greens…


Beet-greens are lovely…they intriguingly have just a tinge of bitterness- and very sweet. Radish-greens are sweet as well, with a unique aroma….who was it that posted a recipe for these? It’ll come to me…


The first round of mustard greens…saag panir can’t be far away! Now I just need some lemon-juice and milk….that cow is no help!


What are these? I have no idea… I bought them from a lady who said they were used for a mixed-green stew; I would have bought some of the other kinds included in the mix, but at $1 each, I stuck with these…and happily planted them in an empty pot: a promise of things to yet come…






  1. revathi said,

    Wow looks wonderful.. Farmers maket always bring flood of memories. Just came back after my visit there. Ours is flooded with all indian and chinese goods

    Ah…lucky you! Still, I am happy with the variety available here….excepting the lack of mangoes…

    Thanks for dropping in! 🙂

  2. Suganya said,

    Oh I wish our market was as big as yrs. Its only 10% of what I see here.. Still I like going there for the unique experience of buying fresh produce :).. Be happy with what you got.. *sigh*

    I know what you mean; I lived in a small town for a few years and I think there were 5-6 stalls at most; still, its a nice time to mingle and shop…

  3. Dilip said,

    ohhh wow…wish I had a farmers maket nearby…being almost in the center of London…kinda difficult…~grin~…loved the pictures…. thanks for sharing

    Isn’t Portobello Road nearby? Years ago it was quite an open-market gathering, or so I’ve heard. Perhaps now it isn’t so…

  4. Cynthia said,

    I love the way the morning sun bathes the market. Thanks for the trip.

    Hey! At least I could tempt you with this one… 😀

  5. Anita said,

    Holy cow! Just one picture is plenty for anti-mango braggarts! Those are not strawberries I see…?
    Yes, look at those beets (and the other things at that stall – the freshest kohlrabi!) – and the size of those chocolate chip cookies!
    You can brag because I’m not going to get to any of these veggies till it is winter time here 😦 Sunner is bad, and monsoons are worse when it comes to greens. Thank God for the mangoes 😉 We would have nothing to brag about!

    Nothing to brag about? Spices, spices, spices….. 🙂 That’s even enough to begin wars… I knew you’d enjoy the cookies! There were plenty of strawberries, but I avoided photographing them for the time being…mi madre used to put kohlrabi in chicken soup, but there have got to be other, more interesting ways to use them…

  6. Manisha said,

    Whoa! That be a fairly big FM! That cow – I don’t know what to say! Yikes!
    Gorgeous greens! So what if my eyes had to work overtime to unblur the blur. Now I don’t know which is the real blur. The kitchen in my previous home had tiles like yours. They were in a freaking non-standard size. I think 10 inches. So you either had to live with broken (and desperately glued together tiles) or you had to redo the entire floor. No prizes for guessing what we did. 😆
    No cherries yet?

    Cherries…how did you know?…they aren’t ready until late July-August up in “Devil’s Door”…It’s crazy around that time; all the Chicago snobbies come a waltzin’ up fer ’em! Yeah, those are 10” tiles- you’re good!!! Not my choice at all…in fact, if it were my house it wouldn’t look like that whatsoever! 🙂 She kept a few boxes for doing any repairs: only one so far: when I was 12-13, I accidentally dropped a rock which took a chip out; it still needs repairing…and I still have the rock…do you have “bath-tub marys” in your parts? I’d love to collect photos of those to make a visual essay; if not published then at least something for my coffee-table…

  7. Susan said,

    I’m stumped about the identity of the last photo, but the earlier one of the flowers is either delphinium or larkspur (annual delphinium). Foxglove has blossoms that are long and down turned with distinctive spotted throats. Blue is not nearly as common a color for foxgloves.

    Thanks Susan! I’ll change the photo note to look like I’m nearer to knowing my flowers! 🙂 That last photo of the unknown plant? Eventually someone with the answer will wander in…

  8. Anita said,

    Kohl rabi – prepare it exactly like haak – greens and all (rough sliver the knot of the kohl rabi). If you cook just the greens then you have monji haak! Now, a good pinch of vari masala would be heaven in this type of haak! 😉

    Veri masala….ver? The Kashmiri spice mixture oft made into disks that are strung up in kitchens and yanked off when needed? And do I need to stand back a ways (is that even good English? I’ve been hanging out with the locals too long) and throw some in the pot’s general direction? 😀

  9. Anita said,

    Why worry about English? You are from the Big Country, and one of the locals! (okay, okay, just kidding…) 😀
    And you stop with those smart a$$ comments too :sugary sweet smile: Store the precious ver in tight jars always, okay? And don’t be throwing it anywhere either – we don’t have the recipe yet! Just a pinch, crumbled in at the end of the cooking process, and a stir. Ummm….

    Oh…don’t go gettin’ yer undies in a wad now! The ver is safe…and I would no more toss it around nor use it in large quantities than I would devour a whole Amritsi wadi as a snack!! 🙂

    No recipe? For ver? Don’t tell me your mum is holding that one back?!!!!

    Ah…the inferior English language of the big country…well! [feigns offense] I’ll have you know that only ONE of my great-grand-parents was from that little dinky hedge-rowed island…the remainder were forced, mind you FORCED to learn their hideous language…although it must be mentioned that without that country’s imperialist history we wouldn’t be able to communicate these fleeting thoughts to each other… 😀

  10. sharmi said,

    waaw I enjoyed those pics. we have a very small single store in the name of farmer’s market here.

    That’s all there is for open markets where you are? Where are you?

  11. Anita said,

    Language, Pel!
    So true, for my knowledge of German stops after ‘guten morgan’ – and I don’t even know if it is written like that! Hideous? Nah. I do love the English language – and present day English shows how much the people traveled (colonised?) – there are words from so many other languages totally absorbed into it.
    So, I’m guessing you have read Notes from a Small Island? Umreeki writer!

    No, I’ve never read that…but being on a small island in the tropics with a margarita-fountain next to me sounds divine as hell… 😀 Guten Morgan? Could be…I’m just going to bed though…

  12. outofthegarden said,

    Yippee, farmer’s market season has begun! Haven’t had time yet to get to any of the local venues but your photos are motivating me.

    BTW that is NOT anything like I envisioned WI ! 🙂

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