Independence Day Greetings to All!

August 15, 2007 at 7:35 PM (Uncategorized)

I became a bit more busy than I had planned in the last two days because of a last-minute visit from a guest; I had wanted to do a more-complex post to celebrate India’s 60th anniversary of declaring independence, but I’m afraid I must keep things simple this year and just wish all of those living in India, those who once lived in India, those who visit India, those who wish to visit India. and to the land itself a very, very, joyous and happy Independence Day!!!

 Love Pelicano.

Flag of India.svg



  1. Anita said,

    And a BIG thanks from all of us – I, of course, am a resident Indian!

    That may be, but I think in a former life you were a good friend of Laura Ingalls Wilder… 😀

  2. bee said,

    thank you, dear pel.

    NP… I’m just glad not to be the only one who is a bit poori-challenged! Perhaps if I made plain ones first…

  3. Manisha said,

    You are so sweet!

    Appearances can be deceiving… hehehehe

  4. Jyothsna said,

    Appreciate your thoughtfulness, thanks 🙂

    Oh, if i had a flag I’d put it out!

  5. indosungod said,

    Pel, thanks!


  6. Asha said,



  7. sharmi said,

    Thank you so much.

    It’s the least I could do in appreciation for elevating me from the boring food around me… 😉

  8. Musical said,

    Thanks Pel, much love to you as well!

    Thanks! I take all I can get! 😉

  9. shilpa said,

    Thanks a lot for the wished well. Since you are in the category “those who wish to visit India”, I wish you also a very happy Independence day (I am bit late, but it is better late than never).

    Words spoken very truly, I must say… glad to see you!

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