Poori update

August 18, 2007 at 2:51 AM (Inedible pleasures, random musings)


OK… the word has been coined. Cluri. Most accurately descriptive of what I’ve accomplished tonight. I have a marvelous er…. stew-like dish waiting patiently, it’s final sprinkling of coriander leaves in limbo, for puffy deep-fried delights to walk with it hand-in-hand  down the matrimonial aisle… but so far the bride has cold feet!

Perhaps if I were to make normal, plain puris instead. But the groom is stubborn. He is complex- an interesting hybrid of north and south- and wouldn’t be satisfied without his promised bride. So, he refuses his final green accessory until she shows up. I keep telling him that I’m doing my best, as I can only do three at a time, and so far: cluris.

However, the last one- which I’ve rolled thinnest, was definitely the most promising! Funny how if I rolled a parantha this thin it would turn into a cracker…


Well, folks…things are improving with all the helpful suggestions: we now have partial ballooning, but perhaps that is the best that can be done with pooris that contain bits of things. For certain, the texture of these is waaaaay better than the first trial. Thanks to all for the help!


The ones on the right were a bit dark; the left-side ones are the last two made- nice enough for me to get so excited that I made a fourth poori… 🙂



  1. Manisha said,

    Thick. Thin. Just fry it and eat it. Not all of mine puff up. If you look closely you might notice that one of the puris is only half puffed. It doesn’t matter if they don’t puff up – pull them out of the oil before they turn into a papad and you’ll be fine. Go for it, I say. You just need to make sure that the dough is not soft.

    The other option is to use a tortilla maker to press them out evenly. I have a puri press in India that is a smaller version of the tortilla press and it churns them out like a wonder!

    Good suggestion! Thanks. I’m wondering if non-plain pooris might have a tendency to inflate less because of the bits of ingredients- these have minced green chiles.

  2. neroli.108 said,

    I’ll second Manisha’s motion—for all things considered, it’s *fried*!
    Tell the bridegroom to let go of his expectations, for that’s when the good stuff happens—
    or he could look at it as a kitschy version of his expectations, and have fun with it that way…
    and if all else fails, remind him that it is fried ;-)!

    ps—we’re talking about kitsch and art over at my place—we could use your input !

    Oh! Two of my favorite subjects! Of course I’ll stop by- thanks. You know, honestly these pooris are quite delicious, and I’ll be sure to have a stern word with the groom about his perfectionistic tendencies…. 🙂

  3. Anita said,

    Two things for poori:
    One: Do not roll too thin! Cardboard thick is good.
    Two: the oil should be hot hot and at least 1 inch or deeper. And press ’em down a bit with the spoon on use the spoon to splash the poori with hot oil, and watch them puff up with pride.

    But everyone gets a few flat ones. 😀

    But, wow to you for attempting!

    Don’t roll too thin? It could be that I had the oil too hot….also, this particular poori has besan in the mix- odd isn’t it? And I don’t think besan is known for it’s ballooning capabilities! 😀 Thanks Anita- even if they don’t turn out, this was still fun…although the almond pooris that I made with chocolate shrikhand weren’t too bad; they didn’t balloon fully either, but they had air bubbles all over and were crispy.

  4. bee said,

    pel, here’s what i found through trial and error. heat the oil to smoking. if you have a thermometer, about 375 F. take it off the flame. after half a minute to a minute, put it back on the flame and slide your puri in. it’s the oil temp that matters more than thickness. and no more than a few seconds on each side.

    Yes…they do fry quite quickly! So…perhaps oil at about 360 or so? The same as for pakora-frying? It could be that the oil wasn’t hot enough… 😀 This reminds me of making Chinese sesame balls a bit: quite fun! Thanks for your help, especially for exposing your initial problems in making them…

  5. indosungod said,

    Pel, crispy pappad like pooris used to be our favorite when we were growing up. The puffed up pooris where oh so boring. So don’t worry you have the most sought after pooris, time machine them thats all.

    Time machine them… [assumes a face of puzzlement] You are right though; I shouldn’t be so perfectionist- definitely a flaw I need to work on! 🙂 and I oughtn’t try to cram the experience of multiple poori-making sessions into a few days…patience. Yeah, yeah, yeah… 😉

  6. Manisha said,

    Pel, check out Shilpa’s Mom’s tips. That’s exactly what my Mom used to do. In general, folks in India don’t use thermometers to measure the temperature of the oil.. They drop a small blob of dough into the oil, and if it rises to the top, you’re ready to roll…er, I mean fry!

    From my batch of puris, the ones that didn’t puff up had sesame seeds in the dough. And I had also rolled them a tad too thin. I fried one of each and while the one with kasuri methi and the plain ones puffed up immediately, the one with sesame seeds did not. If they have whole stuff in them, roll them out slightly thicker. Thicker is OK (and preferable) with puris.

    Today I was getting partial ballooning… 😀 and I think with these particular ones, it’s as good as it gets. The minced chiles make holes that release the interior steam- I imagine the same sort of thing happens with the til puris? I made sure the oil was hot enough by making 1″ puris and dropping them in; if they sink: not hot enough! 😉 I’ll read over Shilpa’s post before I do tomorrow’s batch….lordy, how lucky am I? Puris for 3 days… LOL

  7. Cynthia said,

    Oh my gosh, I know about drama from the brides but the grooms too?! 😀

    Oh…the drama gets worse! Wait ’til you hear… 🙂 and OH!!!! Are you and everything OK? I just heard about the storm this afternoon…

  8. Anita said,

    It’s them chillies! Deflating the poori.

    And you got the bride-groom relationship correct. Gopi thought this was an all-male affair! 😉 the chemistry is different. 😆

    Oh dear…Gopi wrote about them pooris already?! He’s done it all.. 😦

  9. Anita said,

    Those look good enough to eat! 😉
    For poori with chopped things in the dough, this cannot be bettered! Beautiful, Pel. In fact, for fresh-methi poori, unless you chop the methi very fine (the food processor does the best job), the same results ensue.

    Aw… thanks Anita! I’m not done yet though… 😀

  10. musical said,

    Aha, you and your pictures, Pel-very cute presentation. and yes, as Anita says, its the mirchi. But i’ll anyday pick up mirchi pooris over puffed ones 🙂 Stop complaining and just eat them-mirchi is always good, right 🙂

    Right! 🙂

  11. shilpa said,

    Pelicano, everyone has their share of failures in puri making. I have had too many disasters. But this time when aayi made puris, I realised, what mistakes I do. Experience always counts isn’t it? I am sure your next trial would be perfectly alright.

    Most wise woman you are! 😉 And a great cook BTW.

  12. Manisha said,

    The ones on the right are a tad too dark but so what? 😀

    Did you add any turmeric powder? It makes them yellow. Gasp! Imagine that! 🙄

    Hehehehe…yeah…there be turmeric in there. Actually, I liked the darker ones- richer flavour! I like the light ones too.

  13. Srivalli said,

    well all in all the puris look very good….nice way of making them stand in line for the photo..

    Hey, thanks. I actually used a glass set on a towel to allow them to drain upright, then used the glass for the photo as well.

  14. Anita said,

    Are you still frying more?

    Oh yeah…I don’t give up too easily! 🙂

  15. Rachna said,

    Hello Pel… great going with the poori battle, fight on…and really it is tru, i used to fight with my mum to have ‘unpuffed’ crispy ones when i was a kid 😀 …did i read somewhere u said choclate shrikhand???? woooooooow…. r e c i p e pleeeez… i recently made almond shreekhand and it was out of this world…about to post the recipe… love your general ramblings here and at anita’s place 🙂

    Hey Rachna! Here’s the chocolate shrikhand recipe. Almond shrikhand? Oh, that sounds divine! Will you be posting it? Now, I’m wondering if I could manage chocolate puris… 😀 I can see puris causing battles- puffed or crispy!

  16. Cynthia said,

    Success! 🙂


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  18. sharmi said,

    LOL!! sorry but they look burnt to me hahahah…. To make a good poori the dough should not be sticky. it should be littl tough than the roti dough. you have to just take a small lime size balls and do not roll them too much. rolling them too much with the rolling pin will not make the pooris puff. to avoid over frying or less frying the oil temp should remain on medium high . no multitasking like rolling in one hand and frying on the other. roll some pooris and then fry them all one by one. hope this helps. this week you can see almost all the blogs raining with pooris. just check out some you will get good tips. I too have made some.

    😀 If only you had visited sooner…yes indeed, I found that they cannot be rolled too thin…nor is it possible to fry and roll the next- they fry too quickly! These have turmeric and powdered chiles, so…they darken in spots more than plain puris I think. 😉

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