Feed a Hungry Child- Subscribe to Smiles

October 16, 2007 at 2:37 AM (Uncategorized)

One child dies of hunger every four seconds…”

That one sentence really makes those of us who live in excess stop and think. And let’s face it: if we have the means and time to browse through pages on a computer, we are living beyond meeting our daily needs for hunger and shelter.

A few months ago, I came across this video on Youtube:

While not all of the images in this video are relevant, those that are very graphically display lives quite different from our own, lives that could be changed by people coming together to extend a helping hand.

Such a hand is the non-profit organization Feed A Hungry Child, started by V.K. Narayanan of My Dhaba.
For every $25 you wish to donate, you will become eligible for a raffle ticket to win some very nice prizes, so do take a moment to visit Mahanandi for more information.

Thank you!



  1. musy said,

    Hey Pel, the first sentence indeed explains it all…..

    It is difficult to imagine…

  2. sharmi said,

    the video brought tears in my eyes Pel!!

    Same here Sharmi!

  3. Indira said,

    Pelicano: Thank you very much for writing about this cause. I greatly appreciate your support!

    No problem, Indira. I thought I’d help in a way that I could.

  4. Manisha said,

    These are the very images that we desensitize ourselves to. A very disturbing clip.

    It is hard to watch more than once.

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