March 18, 2007 at 1:33 PM (about, Inedible pleasures)


Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Pelicano, but do call me Pel if you like, as others do. I currently live in Green Bay, WI, and have for most of my life, the two exceptions being three months in San Diego, CA and just over two years in a little town on the shore of Lake Michigan called Kewaunee. I enjoy traveling very much, and have seen and spent time in several of the states west and south of Wisconsin. Although I have found many of these places to be gloriously beautiful, it has been my wish since I was a child to visit India and confront her resplendent beauty, ancient architecture and wisdom, dazzling festivals and colourful peoples.

    I particularly enjoy studying the various cuisines of India, and have spent many years doing so. Not in the hurried frenetic way of  a college student before mid-terms, but at a leisurely pace. In my own time. In my own way. At home. Gathering utensils and ingredients as I find them, revering them and slowly calling them my own. As her cuisines collectively are considered one of the world’s mother cuisines, this has led me down the paths leading away, and up the paths that led to her inception. And alive she definitely is! Ever-expanding, all-encompassing like a lotus-flower in perpetual bloom… And my travels are but the wanderings of a single ant on a tree of an age and scope of many thousands of years, each limb begetting branches, and branches, twigs… that overlap and intertwine and rustle, refreshed by wind, sending forth leaves to catch the passing sun, to conduct the falling rains, to reflect the light of the stars and sing to every moon.

    These are my songs.



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