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June 2, 2007 at 5:07 AM (nihil nahil, singhara, various nuts like me)

    I found these “things” several years ago at a small, local grocer that caters to Southeast Asian tastes. Actually, my 2nd ex-ago was with me, and we were astounded by their fearful, physical appearance, and delicious taste. We returned an hour later and bought a pound’s worth; I kept these 3 fairly intact as a later converation piece, which they undoubtedly manage quite well.


    The man who sold them to me didn’t have a name for them to provide, but I have since uncovered their identity. Can anyone guess? I’ll provide answers on my next post, until then, correctnesses will be held temporarily in the moderation queue… 🙂 bon chance…

Hint: They are not mentioned in the Harry Potter books…


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