This is only a test of the emergency pelcast system…

January 20, 2010 at 11:50 AM (Uncategorized)

Testing…one, two three.



  1. shankari said,

    post now..will ya

    • elaichietcetera said,

      I’m shy…

  2. Anita said,


  3. Sheetal said,

    And ……

  4. Nirmala Jegadheesan said,

    You are testing our patience too much 😦

  5. A&N said,

    You should post. I just got my husband hooked to your blog 😀 He was quite alarmed in a nice way to see a ‘foreigner’s paranthe and achaar’ pics in his feeds ( no, facebook is not private :D) So, we just spent quite some time checking out the patra, the salan all over again and reading the pickle thesis 😛

    • elaichietcetera said,

      Pickles…oh, I like the pickles too much…paranthe, achaar aur dahi….I just made some Thai food but now I think I’d rather have that! 😉

      But no…not in the mood for all the rolling tonight. Rice is nice.

      I’m glad to hear that someone read my pickle post all the way through, but two people together! Now there’s a curious romance indeed! 🙂

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